Thailand Center’s Live Call-in Radio Programs Generate Opportunities to Build Relationships with Listeners

LHM - Thailand Director Boom Denow responds to calls during one of the ministry center's live radio programs.

LHM – Thailand Director Boom Denow responds to calls during one of the ministry center’s live radio programs.

Mrs. Monta “Boom” Denow, Director of LHM’s ministry center in Bangkok, Thailand, shares this story on the LHM—Thailand blog.

Ms. Rattana works at a hospital in Bangkok and has been listening to broadcasts from Journey Into Light Ministries, also known as LHM—Thailand, for several years. She has been a frequent caller during the live broadcasts and has received a number of the free booklets that the ministry center offers through its programs; she says she likes the booklets so much that she often reads them to her patients.

Ms. Rattana called during a broadcast on Aug. 29 to encourage the radio speaker and let him know how much she enjoyed the program. When Boom asked her if she is a Christian, Ms. Rattana replied, “Almost.” She was very interested, she said, in learning more about the Bible and the Christian faith. Boom says she is hopeful that she will be able to build a relationship with Ms. Rattana and offer her the opportunity to enroll in one of Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Bible Correspondence Courses. Boom also asks supporters to pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to work in Ms. Rattana’s heart.

Do you know someone who might consider himself or herself “almost Christian”? Include him or her when you pray for Ms. Rattana. How can Lutheran Hour Ministries help you encourage that person? Want some ideas? Visit www.lhm.org/godconnects and www.lhm.org/projectconnect/default.asp for ideas!

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