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LHM Volunteer Teams Serving Around the World – Update from Malawi

In Malawi, sometimes toting bricks requires you to use your head.

In Malawi, sometimes the task of toting bricks requires you to use your head.

It’s the season to serve again! Lutheran Hour Ministries is sending out International Volunteer Teams around the world to work alongside our ministry centers and share God’s love in other cultures.

A team from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Mt. Prospect, Ill. began working with the LHM center in Malawi on June 21 to build a multipurpose hall that will be used as a preschool and a center for various community activities.

“Lots of village men came to help and so the walls were going up fairly quickly,” writes team leader Sue Husar. “We were pleasantly surprised with how much we accomplished on that first day.

“There were about a hundred children who came to watch us build,” Sue goes on. “When we first approached them to say hello, most seemed timid and shy and backed up quickly. So we pulled out a couple of bottles of bubbles that we brought from home and taught them how to blow the bubbles (and of course chase and pop them!). That melted their hesitancy immediately and from then on they were our shadows, following us everywhere.”

In addition to teaching the children some clapping games, the Hokey-Pokey, and some simple songs, the team also had an opportunity to give the children witnessing bracelets as gifts. With the help of an interpreter who translated their English in to Chichewa, the team taught the children how to use the bracelets to share the Gospel.

“Malawi is called ‘the warm heart of Africa’ and we understand why,” Sue Husar writes. “The people here are extremely friendly and hospitable. They show concern for our well being, reminding us to take rest breaks and to drink water often—and they give us plenty of hugs.  It is a blessing to be serving our Lord here!”

To learn more about Lutheran Hour Ministries—Malawi, visit To learn how your congregation can become involved in Lutheran Hour Ministries’ International Volunteer Teams program, visit

Stay tuned for more great news from our International Volunteer Teams!


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