Illinois Volunteer Team’s Cambodia Work Helps Reach Children with the Gospel

Prich Lutheran Church's Pastor Bun Sopheap baptizes a new believer in one of the classrooms built by an LHM International Volunteer Team.

Prich Lutheran Church’s Pastor Bun Sopheap baptizes a new believer in one of the classrooms built by an LHM International Volunteer Team.

In February 2013, a ten-member LHM International Volunteer Team from Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Mt. Prospect, Ill. traveled to Kompot Province, Cambodia. Lutheran Hour Ministries helped chronicle the team’s work by posting their daily updates to its International blog.

Upon arrival, team leader Sue Husar had observed, “We are very eager to follow God and learn what His plans are for us in Cambodia!” God’s plans for the group included several days of good hard work helping build two Sunday school classrooms for Prich Lutheran Church in Cambodia’s Kompot province. Along the way, the team would also make friends with the local construction foreman and his crew, the church’s youth group, and the members of the Prich congregation, with whom they worshiped on their last day in the community.

The experience left the group with a new sense of how big and diverse the Body of Christ truly is. After blending their English prayers and songs together with the Khmer songs and prayers of their Cambodian brothers and sisters in Christ, Sue reflected, “So many voices, two different languages—and our amazing God clearly heard each one of us.”

There is news from Prich Lutheran Church. “Nearly 50 children are studying Khmer and English languages in these two classrooms!” says Asia Regional Director Gunya NaThalang. “The facilities are making it possible for LHM—Cambodia’s staff to work with Pastor Sopheap and help local children learn about Jesus through our Bible Correspondence Courses.

“Through this ministry, the Holy Spirit led 29 children to be baptized in November 2014!”

It’s not often that Lutheran Hour Ministries has the opportunity to report on the specific results of an International Volunteer Team’s efforts. The addition of 29 souls to the kingdom because the Spirit is working in this facility—that’s worth celebrating. And the Spirit is still at work there, calling still more children to a new life in Jesus.

Is God inviting you to join Lutheran Hour Ministries workers as they reach out with the Gospel in a faraway place? Why not take a step and learn more about serving through LHM’s International Volunteer Team program? Go here:

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