Middle East

Street Outreach Shares the Gospel in Beirut

Street Phone ManIn August, Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon took part in a street outreach event in Ashrafieh-Beirut. Many passersby stopped to listen as a Christian band provided a musical witness. Meanwhile, a group of volunteers that included the LHM—Lebanon staff mingled with the onlookers, chatting with them about the Christian faith and offering them New Testaments and other Christian materials.

One onlooker smiled broadly as he listened to the messages of faith in the Christian songs. As an LHM staff member approached him to give him some Christian resources, he pulled out his phone and said, “I’m calling my Muslim friend Ali so he can hear what I’m hearing!” It may not be the kind of cell phone messaging our ministry centers normally do–but who are we to say what the Spirit will use to bring the Gospel to others?

Says LHM—Lebanon Director Fadi Khairallah, “We pray that God will bless and keep both of them in His will!”

To learn more about the work of Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon (known locally as Middle East Lutheran Ministry), visit lhmlebanon.wordpress.com

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