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Michigan Volunteer Team Update for Thursday, July 17

Dar (yellow shirt) and local contractor Max fasten corrugated metal sheets to the roof framework.

Dar (yellow shirt) and local contractor Max fasten corrugated metal sheets to the roof framework.

Our team of Michigan volunteers in Guatemala had a busy Thursday! The day’s update is provided by team member Dar Norrington, et al.

Hola to our families and larger family at Faith! Today we started our day with God giving us nothing but sunshine and no clouds in the sky—a perfect day for our roof workers, and also the team wrapping up VBS and Project JOEL.

We arrived at Lutheran Church of the World’s Redeemer in Santiago Zamora with a great amount of excitement to share with the children. (The men were excited that we had no more painting to do!) We also helped Max, the local contractor, put up all the sheet metal  on the roof to complete the project, along with touch up painting.

We had a tostada with homemade guacamole for our mid-morning snack. After that Dar was up on the roof helping Max screw the metal down, while Dick and Gerry handed it up. Meanwhile, Craig “The Grinder” took care of all the necessary cuts that were needed. We finished the project one day early, as Karter was the assistant to our fearless team leader, Tim—who kept him busy with tearing down the scaffolding.

The rest of the team was having a “celebration” in the church with the children of VBS. We broke for lunch—which was awesome!—and after finishing lunch, we all looked for a place to take a nap (Ha-ha!). Then it was back to work. The team made up of Nan, Becky, Kara, Mia, Ann and Karter traveled 1½ hours to get to Project JOEL. All were enriched with the children there, as the message of God filled us with His love.

The men were challenged by the construction crew to a soccer game—but when our bus arrived, we had to postpone it! Both groups arrived back at our hotel almost at the same time. We prepared for dinner again and afterward we had devotions. We look forward to tomorrow as we wrap up our time in Santiago Zamora along with Project JOEL in Villa Lobos Sur. We have plenty to share with all, so we will see everybody very soon!

Keep the prayers coming as we feel the Holy Spirit guiding us each and every day.

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