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Michigan Volunteer Team Returns to Serve in Guatemala

FaithGB Day 1 Orientation

The team gets a look at an area in which they’ll be working.

Our friends from Faith Lutheran Church in Grand Blanc, Michigan have returned to work with our ministry center in Guatemala. They will be spending the week serving in construction and children’s ministry activities in the community of Santiago Zamora. Dick and Nan Gookin greet the folks back home with the group’s Day 1 post:

Hola! Greetings from the Guatemala Mission Team!

We arrived safely Saturday night in Guatemala City, and we were welcomed with warm hugs from Rebeca de Franco, Director of Lutheran Hour Ministries in Guatemala and her daughter, Maria. They are such a wonderful example of Christian enthusiasm. We are so blessed to have them with us as guides, interpreters, and great friends! We then traveled by bus to our hotel in Antigua.

Today we attended worship service at World’s Redeemer Lutheran Church in Santiago Zamora. We saw some familar faces and some new ones. It was fun to see some of the children from two years ago and how much they have grown. We had the opportunity to participate in the service by reading the gospel in English, sharing in the Lord’s Supper with the congregtion, and sharing our team’s joy as we prepare to do God’s work with them throughout the week. We also sang the doxology in English at the end of the service. It was a heartwarming worship service!

The service was followed by a walk through the area where we will be installing posts, support beams, and a new corrugated metal roof. In addition we will also help install electrical wiring to the pastor’s office and two classrooms.

After that, we went back to our hotel to prepare for the week of Vacation Bible School for the children and Project JOEL—a character-building program for the junior high students.

God has also given us a special opportunity to share our Christian love and faith with Maco, our bus driver, who shared he is unsure of his faith. Today he worshipped with us and will also be helping us throughout the week. We pray that God will use us to serve His purpose in Maco’s life.

We ask for your continuing prayers this week for our team members, the LHM staff and for the children and youth we will be working with.

In service to Christ,

Dick & Nan Gookin

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