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Monday is a Full Day for Florida Volunteer Team in Panama

Panama Team 2014 Monday

Our International Volunteer Team from Florida is posting updates about their work in Panama—and we’re excited to pass them along to you! Team lead Linda Meseke recounts a successful day of painting for a local congregation on Monday, June 16.

The itinerary for today showed that we would be painting—and paint we did! We started early cleaning fence posts so they could be painted. Once the fence posts were painted we moved on to the walkway between the church and their fellowship building. Each of us did a different part and with the aid of several people from the LHM team and the Pastor from Redeemer Lutheran Church, the task of painting the walkway and vestibule leading to the church ws accomplished.

All seven of us were pretty covered with paint and quite sweaty, but felt great that we had accomplished so much in the day! Tomorrow we will continue our painting around their fellowship hall building (on the outside). We will pray for an overcast day (but no rain)! Either way, we will gladly serve and accomplish what we can.

Later this week: we will go to both schools across from the church to talk to different age kids about their life story and how God plays a role in their life… and ours. We will also get to visit the childrens hospital and also work with some 4-5 year olds on a project they are completing. We are very excited about helping with Project JOEL in this way.

Please continue to pray for us on our mission!

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