Cameroon Evangelism Workshop Energizes Young Christians

Young Cameroonian ETS students participated in the workshop's concluding worship service.

Young Cameroonian ETS students participated in the workshop’s concluding worship service.

In February each year, the nation of Cameroon in western Central Africa observes National Youth Day, on which young people are officially recognized and encouraged to uphold the country’s ideals for freedom and prosperity. The message of National Youth Day has taken on special significance in the last few years, as the proportion of Cameroon’s 19 million people under the age of 25 has risen to more than 60 percent.

In conjunction with the 2014 National Youth Day festivities, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Cameroon outreach center, together with the Lutheran Congregation of Djoungolo in Yaoundé, hosted an Equipping the Saints workshop exclusively for young people. Twenty-nine of the congregation’s youth participated.

“The workshop was very successful!” says LHM—Cameroon Director Rev. Samuel Frouisou. “All of the participants were very active and enthusiastic. And although a few could not sign up at this time because of their current academic commitments, 23 were commissioned to serve as volunteers for the ministry center!”

Participants expressed thanks to the center for organizing the workshop. “Youth are not just the future of a nation,” said one, “but we are the present as well.” The participant said this was true for the church also and added, “If we want to play the role of missionary church in this world, we should train young people in evangelism, just as LHM—Cameroon has been doing since its beginning!”

“The commissioning ceremony that concluded the workshop featured a worship service attended by more than 400 people and led by the congregation’s youth,” said Frouisou.

To learn how you can partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries—Cameroon or another International Ministry Center that is reaching out to—and with—young people, visit

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