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Illinois Volunteer Team Shares God’s Love in Uganda

“More than a total makeover!”

This was how Lutheran Hour Ministries—Uganda Director Rebecca Kyomuhendo summarized the impact of the work of an LHM International Volunteer Team from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Ill. The group of eight, which included LHM—St. Louis staff members Curt Wittbracht and Adam Eggemeyer, left January 12 and spent a week and a half working with Uganda ministry center staff and volunteers to renovate the center’s office and conduct a vacation Bible school for local children.

Kyomuhendo is delighted with the ministry center’s new look and feel, but what has moved her is the power she witnessed as the body of Christ worked together in harmony:

“Beyond the scrubbing of the walls, the dirty clothes, the scratched hands, the paint-sprinkled overalls and even the newly beautified office walls lies greater beauty: the beauty of brethren dwelling together in love. The two teams prayed together, sang together, ate and played together as we ministered to people who have not yet put their trust in Christ. We have so much bonded with the volunteer team, establishing a love relationship that will last forever in our hearts.”

The Volunteer group led a VBS for more than 240 children. Making a fish was a craft activity following a puppet drama of the story of Jonah.

In addition to sprucing up the Uganda ministry center, the Volunteer group also led a VBS for more than 240 children. After hearing the story of Jonah, the kids made fish as a craft activity.

On January 20, the team presented a VBS for a local partner ministry, the Martin Luther Infant and Orphan Care Center. The highlight was the team’s puppet drama that told the story of Jonah. “More than a week later,” says the Martin Luther Center’s Bameka Emmanuel, “I am still finding little ones who are imitating the puppets during their play time.”

There were 240 children at the VBS, but Mr. Bameka says that the impact was greater still. “The children came from at least 100 families from four villages,” he observes, “and the word has spread! Parents have been inspired to keep their children in the school!”

“It was truly inspiring and uplifting,” said LHM’s Wittbracht, “to see the anxious faces of the little school children as we handed out crosses for them to wear. God has provided a rich mission field for us to reach on His behalf, and I am thankful I am a part of it.”

For additional information about Lutheran Hour Ministries—Uganda or this International Volunteer Trip event, visit To learn how you can partner with or serve as a volunteer at an LHM international ministry center, visit

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