Asia / Church Partnership

Director Douglas Rutt Attends Indonesia Church Assemblies

DougRuttIndonesia0829Dr. Rutt shared with us that he had written the Friday and Saturday part of the following update this past Monday, but then a lightning storm interrupted Internet access for several days. He was eventually able to send the update from an airport coffee shop.

We had a very busy Friday and Saturday. On Friday we visited the radio station Radio Bonapit that we helped to repair through a grant last year. A new, energetic director is working hard to bring the station up to date; since December 2012 the station has been doing live streaming in addition to the regular FM broadcasts—and it now has Batak listeners all over the world. Our ministry center is broadcasting on this radio station several times per week.

Yesterday was a full day at the 80th anniversary of the HKI [Huria Kristen Indonesia] church. We were welcomed by a group of young dancers in traditional dress and were honored with a garland at the beginning of the event. After the service there were words of greeting by several dignitaries, including yours truly. I’m not sure I said all that the translator spoke, but he seemed excited and engaged, so no doubt he improved upon what I had to say.

Our partnership with this indigenous church body has been strengthened, and Imelda and our ministry center staff will be able to work together with these partners more closely in the future.

Last night we attended the assembly of the GKPI [Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia] church. It was another great occasion with wonderful music and thousands of people. I was given the chance to address the assembly, and the ministry of LHM was welcomed with great enthusiasm.

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