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On the Road with International Ministries Director Douglas Rutt

August 2013 Nommenson Tomb_CLutheran Hour Ministries International Director Dr. Douglas Rutt is sending updates as he travels to ministry centers in Asia. Having arrived safely in Indonesia, Rutt recounted that his experiences in a car in Jakarta traffic had a tremendous impact on his prayer life.

“It was a good day, though,” he says. “We were able to visit a home for handicapped people run by the Diakonia department of the HKBP [Huria Kristen Batak Protestan] church.

“We were also able to see something that was meaningful to me as a student of missiology. That was the tomb of the pioneer missionary to the Batak people, Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen. He championed an approach that was quite novel in his day—to take the culture of the people seriously. Before he came here, two American missionaries by the names of Lyman and Munson had been killed by the Bataks and eaten. There are many stories of how they tried to kill Nommensen but were always thwarted by a storm—or for whatever reason it didn’t work.  Finally they gave up and many Batak today are Christian.

“We also visited a typical Batak home and watched a street show involving a huge puppet that dances. People dance around the puppet and then put money into its pocket. Does this have fundraising potential for LHM…?”

Dr. Rutt’s next stops: a hospital and then the opening ceremony for an HKI [Huria Kristen Indonesia] church. Stay tuned!

One thought on “On the Road with International Ministries Director Douglas Rutt

  1. It Is ease to talk about the cost of the Discipleship but paying the cost is not easy. I am really touched by your testimony.May God bless you Dr Douglas, I am made to re examine my call as a pastor and a mission student. You are doing a good Job.I pray for you.

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