New Lutheran Hour Ministries—Liberia Center to Begin Radio Outreach

This spring Lutheran Hour Ministries’ International Division launched a brand-new ministry center in the West African country of Liberia.  On Saturday, June 1, the new center will reach an important milestone: the airing of its first radio broadcast!

Liberia is a country with an estimated population of just over 4 million; about 40 percent of its people are Christian, another 40 percent practice traditional, animistic religions, and about 15 percent are Muslim. In the aftermath of Liberia’s long civil war, four Lutheran fellowships that had formed in refugee camps merged in 2009 to establish the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia (ELCL). In 2012 the ELCL entered into fellowship with The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Today with nearly 140 congregations and more than 10,000 members, the church is poised to reach out further. Lutheran Hour Ministries’ new Liberia center will serve as a crucial partner in these evangelism efforts, beginning with the regular weekly radio broadcast that kicks off on June 1.

“Originating from the Liberia Broadcasting System in the capital, Monrovia, the 30-minute English-language program will be able to be heard almost anywhere in the country,” says Eric Gates, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East. “The initial broadcast will feature ELCL President Rev. Amos Bolay, who will introduce Lutheran Hour Ministries and talk about the organization’s work. Long-term, the program will offer biblical perspectives on issues of everyday life—economic struggles, unemployment, relationships, health and so on.”

Listeners to the program will be invited to respond via mail, email or text message, and those who do will be offered opportunities to participate in LHM’s Bible Correspondence Courses.

To learn how you can partner in ministry with Lutheran Hour Ministries—Liberia or one of our other outreach centers in more than 30 countries, visit

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