Madagascar Youth Witness through Song

Hand in hand, choir members join in prayer before a performance.

Hand in hand, choir members join in prayer before a performance.

Nanisana High School is a secondary school in Antananarivo, Madagascar. In 2008, Mr. Felix, a Lutheran Hour Ministries—Madagascar volunteer, introduced LHM’s Bible Correspondence Course program at the school; next he provided film showings, coordinated a sports tournament and furnished the school’s library with the ministry center’s booklets.

An “LHM Club” was born at the school. “There are about 20 members, and they never tire of inviting their friends to participate in Bible Correspondence Courses and to glorify God!” writes Lutheran Hour Ministries—Madagascar Director Jaona Andrianasola.

That’s not all. Members of the club formed a choir, which travels—often on foot—to churches around the area to present the Gospel in song and to raise awareness about the work of LHM—Madagascar.

“This has actually become a successful approach for bringing back Bible Correspondence Course dropouts!” Andrianasola reports.

In April, the club was invited to lead worship at FJKM Merinkanjaka Fitahiana, a reformed church about 15 kilometers from Antananarivo.

“The congregation was celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Shepherd program [Shepherds are similar to deacons], and the congregation was touched by the visit and the testimony of these young Christians,” says Andrianasola.

Interested in finding out how you can partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries’ outreach center in Madagascar? Visit to learn more.

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