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Young Evangelists Discover Great Resources at India Ministry Center

IndiaEvangelists2When Albert Dinesh and six college friends accepted an invitation to attend a youth retreat presented by a church in Chennai, they gave little thought at first to the Gospel message or the call to discipleship and witness that they might hear. The 18- and 19-year-olds expected to spend a fun day with some of their other friends and maybe meet some new ones. But the Holy Spirit had more for them to do.

“The Gospel messages touched their hearts and they were reminded of God’s love and His call to a better life, a God-pleasing life, a life with meaning,” says Lutheran Hour Ministries—India Director Rev. C. David. “That day they dedicated their lives to spreading the Gospel—and spreading it immediately, rather than waiting until they had completed college and gotten jobs!”

The seven young men discovered that although they had the desire and the ability to share the Good News of Jesus with others, what they needed was resources they could share as well. Rev. David describes what happened next as a near-miracle:

“One of them found a Lutheran Hour Ministries—India tract on the roadside! Apparently someone who had received it from one of our volunteers had thrown it down there. The address in the tract led them to our office.

“They told us the story of the way their lives had been changed. Our staff introduced them to our programs and provided them with sample packets of our materials. Now they are serving as ministry volunteers and sharing the Gospel with resources from our center. These changed lives are helping change others’ lives as well.”

You can be a partner in the vibrant outreach of Lutheran Hour Ministries—India! Learn how at

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