New Vietnam Bible Courses Bring Christ to Kids, Families

“Thanks be to God for letting me know about your Bible Correspondence Courses for the children in our church!”

Three young girls work together on a  Bible Correspondence Course activity.

Three young girls work together on a Bible Correspondence Course activity.

No doubt you can sense the thrill in Pastor Nguyen Bihn Tin’s words (above) in a recent letter to Lutheran Hour Ministries—Vietnam Director Dinh Hai Au about the center’s Bible Correspondence Course resources for children. The courses are new—the product of months of work that began a year ago at a workshop for the directors of Lutheran Hour Ministries’ centers in Asia and Europe.

“I talked to my regional director about BCC lessons for children, which I thought was a real need in my country,” Au recalls. “Mrs. Gunya [Lutheran Hour Ministries Asia Regional Director Gunya Na Thalang] helped me by asking the director of LHM’s Sri Lanka center to bring samples to the workshop.”

From there Au’s project took off. His staff worked hard to translate, edit and get government approval to print the study resources.

“Now we have a very nice, colorful and meaningful series of Bible Correspondence Course lessons for children!” says Au. Twenty congregations have adopted them for use in Sunday Bible classes. “We have reached more than 750 children at those congregations!” Au says, and adds, “All of the congregations agree that our lessons are very good and useful—not only for children’s spiritual life but for their parents’ as well.”

In his letter to Au, Pastor Nguyen also wrote, “Your lessons are great! They help children and parents understand many things that they did not know well before. All of us really appreciate it. I think if possible you should create more lessons—for teenagers! They also need lessons like these to nurture them in their spiritual life.”

For more information about Lutheran Hour Ministries—Vietnam, visit To explore partnership opportunities with our Vietnam ministry center or one of our other centers in more than 30 countries, visit

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