Middle East

“I Will Not Step Back from My Christian Faith”

Wadid*, a 21-year-old man from Jordan, recently wrote to Lutheran Hour Ministries’ center in Beirut:

“I was attracted to Christianity six months ago because of your radio programs, which offer the truth and provide peace to my heart. I am Christian in my thoughts and in the doctrines I believeand because of that, I must face many difficulties. Members of my conservative Muslim family don’t know the truth and have threatened me because of my faith in Jesus as my Savior and Lord.

“But in spite of all their persecution, I will not step back from my Christian faith. I hope you can help me and support me in my Christian journey. I want to know more so that I can be stronger in Jesus; I beg you to send me a Bible and any publications that will help strengthen my faith.”

“This letter moved our hearts!” says Lutheran Hour MinistriesLebanon Director Fadi Khairallah. “We sent Wadid a Bible and our “Life of Christ” Bible Correspondence Course to help him stand fast for his faith in Jesus. We thank our Lord for every place a Christian can live his or her faith freelyand pray for Wadid and for everyone who fights the good fight for his or her Christian faith.”

Lutheran Hour Ministries invites you to join us and our Lebanon ministry center in prayer for new Christians who embrace Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in spite of the risk of persecution. To partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries–Lebanon (known locally as Middle East Lutheran MinistryMELM) in its courageous Gospel outreach, visit www.lhm.org/partner.

* Not his real name—ed.

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