Lutheran Hour Ministries – Russia Reaches Out to Young Audience

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Across the Church there is a call to intensify efforts to share the Gospel of Jesus with young people.  One reason for targeting young people especially is that in some regions, the under-30 thirty population is disproportionately large. Another reason is that in regions such as eastern Europe, youthful generations that have little or no spiritual consciousness are exploring the idea of faith from a fresh perspective. Lutheran Hour Ministries’ international ministry centers around the world are responding to the call. One center that is making exciting strides is Lutheran Hour Ministries—Russia in St. Petersburg.

  • The Russia center is building a new website with a youthful, contemporary design—but there’s more to it than looks: the center will use the site to offer faith-education content in an interactive format. “Online learning will be presented in the form of short video clips in which an expert will talk about the fundamental aspects of Christian doctrine,” says Russia Director Igor Savich.
  • The videos themselves (see promotional video) are geared toward young site visitors. “Shooting was conducted in the open air in St. Petersburg, with the life of the big city as a backdrop: passing cars, pedestrians, buildings—including magnificent Christian churches,” says Savich. “Young people who watch these videos will understand that Christianity is not a relic of the past but that it is their present.”
  • Recently Director Savich also met with Maria Savikina, who edits a Christian youth magazine named Choice. “The themes of the magazine’s issues include the most pressing questions that youth confront—questions about self esteem, relationships, and life in the future,” says Savich. Savikina and Savich discussed opportunities for partnership in expanding the reach of both the magazine and the ministry center’s Scripture-based educational content.

The ministry center also continues to reach out to youth and children through a variety of other strategies, including VBS-style events, sports programs and performing arts.

To learn how you or your church group can partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries—Russia, visit

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