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Lutheran Hour Ministries – Latvia ROCs!

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In September, Lutheran Hour Ministries—Latvia, together with the Luther Academy in Riga, the Central Board and Liepaja Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (ELCL), and St. Gregor’s Mission Center, held a Regional Outreach Conference for the ELCL’s Liepaja Diocese, which was hosted at the St. Gregor’s Center in Saldus. The conference was inspired by LHM—Latvia’s National Outreach Conference last April and by Lutheran Hour Ministries’ popular U.S. Regional Outreach Conferences (ROCs).

More than 80 congregational representatives and 40 pastors from across the diocese came together to worship, network, and learn about the important work of reaching out to their families and communities with the Gospel. Bishop Paul Bruvers opened the event with an address that challenged participants to increase their awareness of outreach work and to bring their churches closer to people across Latvia.

After plenary sessions exploring the nature and character of outreach, participants were grouped by topics—”Art as an Outreach,” “Diaconia/Social Work as an Outreach,” “Leisure Time Activities as an Outreach,” and “Education as an Outreach”—to share knowledge and ideas. Later, the best ideas from each topical discussion were shared with the larger group.

More information about Lutheran Hour Ministries—Latvia, including additional photos from the Liepaja Diocese Regional Outreach Conference, can be found at

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