Latin America

Nicaragua Ministry Center Expands Online Programming

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Since April 2011, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones ministry center in Nicaragua has broadcast Christian programming not just on traditional FM radio but also online. When “Radio Cristo Nica” celebrated the first anniversary of its expansion into online broadcasting last spring, the LHM—Nicaragua staff reported that they were receiving responses from Internet listeners across the globe.

This summer the ministry center was informed that a survey performed by communications students at the National University of Nicaragua had ranked Radio Cristo Nica among the most popular radio stations that broadcast both on FM radio and online.

“For us this is important news,” wrote Director Ricardo Arguello. “We are the only Christian radio broadcast in Leon, and this means people are following us—in Nicaragua as well as around the world.”

The news came just as Lutheran Hour Ministries—Nicaragua was putting in place a plan to expand online broadcasting—which became a reality on August 6, 2012. According to the ministry center’s website, “You can tune in to us through our website and listen to us from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hear our new segments live on the topics of culture, tourism, youth, daily living, psychology and much more.”

Arguello says that the name “Radio Cristo Nica” is a play on words: “‘Cristo Nica’ means ‘Christ victorious’ and at the same time also ‘Christ of Nicaragua.'” You can listen to Radio Cristo Nica too; just visit and look for the media player in the upper-left part of the page.

To learn how you or your congregation can partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries—Nicaragua, visit

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