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Michigan Volunteer Team Journal, Continued

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Members of the hard-working Michigan Volunteer Team visiting our Guatemala ministry center continued posting daily journal entries hrough the week. Thursday, June 28th’s post was provided by Dar Norrington; Friday, June 29th post comes from Roxanne Walker.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Greetings to our Faith Family, along with our families and friends back home, from the whole mission team here in Guatemala!

Boy, oh boy, where do I start? So much has been achieved so far. First let me say thank you for your prayers, as we have had God’s blessings and the Holy Spirit has truly blessed us in all we have done each day. The girls’ VBS has been fantastic. The kids are really enjoying it as we see a lot of smiles. The girls at times, in between the classes, have tried to give us their ideas or two cents’-worth, or anything else they could think or do, just to try and delay us from the floor project. It has been hard work for us all as the sore muscles and joints have popped up. But even with this we keep on going — like that pink bunny beating the drum. The men have done a great job and we all have learned a few tricks on how to lay tile. The floor is about 90% finished. So we will be able to complete this project, praise God. The members of the church have been able to help, too! It’s a joy to see their smiles, laugh with them and work side-by-side. It’s priceless. We are looking forward to Sunday, and during the church service we will dedicate the floor.

To all of you, keep the prayers coming not only for us, but also pray for the people here in Antigua. As our trip winds down, remember not to worry — “be happy,” as God will provide for you always.

See you soon with pictures and stories to share with everyone; God’s blessing to all.

Dar Norrington

Friday, June 29, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! After completing our flooring and VBS projects at World’s Redeemer Lutheran Church and School on Thursday, we took a scenic drive to Mt. Pacaya, an active volcano, for a five mile hike. A few of us chose to hike on foot, while others chose to venture up the rugged terrain on horseback. The loose lava stone, remnants from the last eruption in 2010, challenged stable footing for horses and hikers alike. At the summit of our trail was a smoking cauldron — tame enough to climb in for photos, but warm enough to remind us of God’s power to change our lives and surroundings.

Before beginning our descent, we shared a short devotion and a beautiful offering of the Doxology on the mountaintop. An unexpected blessing happened when four young Guatemalan men, standing several hundred feet away, answered our song with a joyous round of applause. Although they may not have understood a word of English, we felt as though they shared our love for the Lord and understood our joy.

Throughout the trek, our guide encouraged us and seemed to genuinely enjoy our company. As we neared the halfway point of our return, we learned that he is struggling with his own personal relationship and daily walk with God. Placing our hands on his shoulders, we prayed once again on the mountainside for God’s loving care and guidance for our new Christian friend, whose English vocabulary was as limited at our Spanish. What a blessing it is to experience God’s love flowing across language barriers to uplift and encourage us all in such an unexpected way.

Praise God and bless our Faith Family for making it possible for us to be His servants in Guatemala.

God’s love to all.
Roxanne Walker

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