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Planning Begins for Online Mission Trip 2013

LHM’s Polly Gregali, center, and Kay Shoemaker, left, meet with LHM-Thailand director Ms. Boom Ekwanit Denow

Lutheran Hour Ministries will sponsor its second annual Online Mission Trip January 28-31, during National Lutheran Schools Week. Online Mission Trips are designed to give students in Lutheran elementary schools in the United States and Canada the opportunity to experience an international mission trip – without having to leave their classroom! Polly Gregali, manager of ministry partnerships of Lutheran Hour Ministries stated, “That personal connection of seeing, hearing, and touching ministry through a short-term mission trip doesn’t normally involve children.” Students learn about Lutheran Hour Ministries’ work in another country and are able to ask during the live program, and it all takes place during their classroom time.

Including more than 8,000 students and roughly 90 schools across the U.S., the first Online Mission Trip was to Paraguay in March 2012. Each day’s online activities included prayer, videos that detailed the ministry center’s outreach, and a live webcasting Question and Answer session. Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Area Counselor of Latin America Rev. Nilo Figur played a large role in the virtual mission trip. Vigor reported that “the students were really excited about learning and about the work we’re doing to share the Gospel in Paraguay.”

This year’s Online Mission Trip will take students and teachers to Thailand! Staff members from Lutheran Hour Ministries visited the ministry center in Bangkok, Thailand this spring to prepare and arrange activities for students. A Lutheran Hour Ministries video team will travel to Thailand in August to record footage that will be used for the mission trip. Recorded footage might include the daily activities of a student in Thailand or how people in another country share their faith in Jesus with their neighbors. Along with the live streaming for Question and Answer discussion, this is a great way for young learners to participate in an interactive ministry on a global level.

Lutheran Hour Ministries’ U.S. staff and the LHM – Thailand ministry team are eager to work on this project and look forward to providing this opportunity again to engage and encourage young virtual missionaries.

Registration for the 2013 Online Mission Trip will open in August. Please visit for more details and to register your school!

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