Peer Education Workshops Impact Youth in Uganda

Teen-aged students engage in classroom lectures and discussions.

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM)–Uganda, locally known as Lutheran Media Ministry, offers an educational workshop program called Youth-2-Youth where students learn effective communication and the Christian perspective and behavior in dealing with social dangers including drug and alcohol abuse, pornography, and homosexuality, among others. Participants in the workshops are trained in peer education so that they can share their beliefs and behavior changes with their peers and be positive leaders in their communities.

Workshop leaders present a broad view of the realities of social concerns in young people’s lives and encourage participants to embrace healthy personal habits and to work as “agents of change” in their own schools. The purpose of this peer education training is to teach the students to develop healthy behavior patterns and skills to effectively reach out to their peers.

LHM–Uganda partnered with local organizations Straight Talk Foundation and Youth Alive to put on the first of these workshops, which was held in March, with 21 students from around Uganda’s capital city, Kampala participating. A second seminar was held in early June, with an attendance of 38 students. This second Youth-2-Youth seminar was presented in partnership with Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center and Loving Uganda, two organizations that have had an impact on the lives of many youths around the country. Lutheran Hour Ministries is pleased with the response to these workshops, as both revealed interest from participants for future events like these.

With this program, LHM–Uganda believes that local youth will have the freedom to enjoy their teen years responsibly and have the ability to impact their schools and communities as positive role models and leaders.

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