Latin America

Lutheran Hour Ministries – Brazil Brings “Messages of Hope”

A member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church shares “Messages of Hope” with a São Paulo resident.

For staff and supporters of Lutheran Hour Ministries—Brazil, just about any good reason for getting together is a good reason to go out together and share with others “Messages of Hope”—a brief pamphlet offering the Good News about salvation through Jesus Christ.

According to ministry center Director Paulo Warth, the past few months have provided a number of opportunities. Here are just a few:

  • Pastors André Plamer and Elismar Vilvock of Cristo Para Todos Lutheran Church in Osasco, São Paulo State, share “Messages of Hope” with patients and employees in the city’s two hospitals. Recently four children were baptized as a result of the witness of these pastors.
  • This spring the members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in São Paulo took to the city’s streets to share their faith with people and invite them to a free concert at the church. They shared “Messages of Hope” booklets as they went—about 1,000 copies in all.
  • Lutheran Hour Ministries—Brazil partnered with the National Lutheran Women’s League to produce a special edition of “Messages” titled “Messages of Hope for Woman, Mother and Wife,” which participants at the January National Women’s Convention shared at homes, on streets, and in stores and supermarkets in the host city, Bento Gonçalves. Almost 6,000 copies were distributed!
  • Pastors of São Paulo Lutheran Circuit meet each month for Bible Study, prayer, spiritual growth—and barbecue. But before the barbecue they go to the streets to share their faith in Jesus with families living in the neighborhood. Pastor Edson Nimbu encountered a homeowner who regarded him suspiciously until he understood the reason Nimbu was there. “We were afraid of you because we’ve had so many robberies around here,” the homeowner explained. This led to a personal witnessing opportunity for Pastor Nimbu, who shared about the love and security Jesus brings.

For more information about Lutheran Hour Ministries—Brazil, visit

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