Latvia Ministry 20th Anniversary begins with Film Forum

The celebration of the twentieth anniversary of LHM’s ministry in Latvia was kicked off today with a Film Forum, an outreach tool used by LHM–Latvia to reach people through the cinematic arts.  This evening’s movie was The Mission, starring Robert Di Nero.

The San Miguel Mission to the Guaraní

It is the saga of a Jesuit missionary who attempted to reach the Guaraní people of the area near present day Iguazu Falls with the gospel.  Progress was being made, but the Treaty of Madrid of 1750 shifted that part of the world to Portuguese control, thus making slavery legal, and resulting in the ultimate destruction of the mission and massacre of thousands of Guaraní people.


Opening Comments

Flyer Advertising the Film Forum

Before the movie began, there was an exposition by a film critic who spoke of the artistic qualities of the movie.  Afterwards, people were welcomed to stick around to discuss the movie from the perspective of the deeper issues, such as human sin, forgiveness, Christian witness, and the concept of love in the New Testament.

There is an interesting story to tell about the location of the event, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

–Douglas Rutt

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