Journey into Light–Lutheran Hour Ministries’ – Thailand Gives Thanks to God for 20 Years of Blessings.

On Saturday evening, March 24, over 200 friends and supporters joined Lutheran Hour Ministries–Thailand, known locally as “Journey into Light,” to give thanks to God for the opportunity to preach the Gospel for 20 years in Thailand. The event was made even more special due to the presence of Lutheran Hour Ministries’ ministry center directors from Asia and Europe, who are in Bangkok for several days of workshops during the coming week. It was on November 1, 1991, that Gunya Nathalang began the ministry in Thailand under the auspices of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

The staff of Journey into Light with Director Monta Denow of Thailand (back row, third from right with husband Dennis), Area Counselor Gunya Nathalang, International Director Douglas Rutt, with the ministry center directors from India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar (Burma),Indonesia, Latvia, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The group was joined by Dr. Gerhard Michael (back row, far right), who is overseeing theological education through the Lutheran institute for Southeast Asia (LISA).

Dr. Douglas Rutt spoke during the celebration on the growth of Christianity around the world, including in Asia. He made reference to the name of country, “Thailand,” which means “free land,” as a nation that was never colonized by the west. He said, however, that “true freedom is freedom from the shame and guilt that plagues humans, and that is only available to us through Jesus Christ.” He mentioned that Journey into Light has seen many difficult times in recent years–tsunamis, cyclones, flooding–but that the dedicated staff and volunteers did not use that as an excuse to stop ministry, but rather “they rolled up their sleeves and went about helping suffering people, not only with their physical needs, but also their spiritual needs.”The celebration included a video presentation on the history and current ministry of Journey into Light, several musical groups, greetings by local pastors, and an auction conducted by the talented MCs for the evening.

One of several talented musical groups that provided inspirational entertainment.

Introduction of guests by Monta "Boom" Denow.

The talented and entertaining MCs provided a fun evening.

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