Home after a long but fruitful journey

At 11:30 p.m., on Tuesday evening, March 6, we boarded the KLM Airbus 330 to begin our return to the United States after almost three weeks in Kenya and Ethiopia.  It was a time to reflect upon the things we had seen and experienced.  Without a doubt, the dedication of our ministry center staff in Kenya and Ethiopia stood out in bold relief.  They are dedicated children of God, on fire with the gospel, ready to proclaim the good news of the kingdom “in season and out of season,” when it is easy, and when it is not.  I ask everyone to remember these servants of Christ in their prayers always, that God would continue to provide them with His protection, courage, strength, and boldness, as they travel back and forth across the country, bringing a message of hope to lost, hurting and discouraged people.

We also witness the vitality of Christianity in Africa, where people are not shy about expressing their faith, confessing their savior, and worshiping God with vigor and enthusiasm!

Nuru Media Ministry--Kenya Staff

Berhan Media Ministry--Ethiopia Staff

2 thoughts on “Home after a long but fruitful journey

  1. The Kenya and Ethiopia LHM Ministry Centers both demonstrate a high level of commitment to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their respective countries. Nila and I were blessed to witness these dedicated servants in action, sharing their faith, providing training and encouragement, and loving those with whom they came into contact. For Nila and me, the trip to Africa was an outstanding ministry, natural, cultural and historical adventure. We were humbled by the warm welcome, respect and love shown by the people of Kenya and Ethiopia. The electricity and excitement demonstrated by the people of the area in their worship of Christ the King was heart-warming and awe inspiring. This must be what heaven will be like.

    We praise God for the opportunity to be enriched by this experience. Thanks to Lutheran Hour Ministries for making the trip possible.

    • Thanks for the comments, Mick and Nila. It truly was an impressive visit for me as well. I hope that our people can appreciate the great work our ministry center staff is doing in Africa and around the world! Thanks again! Doug

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