Introduction to Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry, Kenya

Today we had the opportunity to visit our Ministry Center in Nairobi, known as Nuru (Light) Lutheran Media Ministry, and receive an update on all the activities carried out by our faithful staff and volunteers.  We heard about a holistic project that provides HIV counseling and testing.  HIV/AIDS is a great problem for Kenya, with over 1.7 million, of a total population of 40 million, being infected with the virus.  60% of those infected are women.  Our ministry center volunteers have been able to test over 750 people since the inception of this program, about 10 months ago.  The program is aimed at providing spiritual counsel to those being tested.  There is pre-test counseling and post-test counselor.  The pre-test counseling is aimed at helping the individual prepare for the potential results of the testing.  Post-test counseling is offered according to the results of the testing.  If someone tests positive, they are ministered to with God’s word, with the goal of inculcating responsible behavior.  Most people who test positive for HIV/AIDS face ostracism from their families.  One person remarked, “It’s not the disease that is killing me but the rejection.  Therefore Nuru Lutheran Media works with churches to organize PTGs (Post-test groups), where people can encourage one another, be accountable to others, and experience the love of Jesus, who reached out to the untouchables of his day.  This is just one of the many ministry activities that we learned about today.

Looking at the map indicating the key areas Nuru Lutheran Media has worked.

Later we were received very kindly by Archbishop Walter Obare and his wife Eunice.  After spending over an hour talking about ministry experiences of the power of the gospel in people’s lives, we were served a delicious lunch at their home.

A Warm Reception at the Bishop's home.

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