Safe Arrival in Nairobi

After about 24 hours of travel, on three different flights, we finally arrived to our destination, Nairobi, Kenya, about 8:45 p.m., local time.  We thank God that all the flights were uneventful and very smooth—really without a hitch.  Once we cleared immigration, collected our bags, and passed through customs at the Nairobi airport, we were met by our ministry center director, John Maina, along with our trusty driver, Ngare.  It is good to be here with Mick, Nila and Eric.  I have been trying to get to Kenya for over ten years, having had several students from Kenya when I was teaching at the seminary.  In the coming days we will meet with our ministry center staff, Bishop Obare, Bishop Omolo, LCMS missionary Shauen Trump and his family, and several other former students and people that I have gotten to know through the years.  Finally we will travel to a remote area to participate in a major outreach event sponsored by our ministry center staff and volunteers, before moving on the Ethiopia. –Douglas Rutt

Met at the airport by John Maina

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