LHM—Uganda Co-hosts Rural Music and Drama Event

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Lutheran Hour Ministries—Uganda brought together Lutheran groups from Northern Uganda’s district of Lira on January 21 to present a Gospel witness to people in the village of Ngetta through an evening of music and drama. Three choirs from congregations in the cities of Lira and Akia performed vocal music and skits in the Lango dialect for a large crowd that filled Ngetta Lutheran Church. Music rang through the community through the evening. At the close of the event, 84 people responded to Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM)—Uganda, locally known as Lutheran Media Ministry, distributes Bibles, brochures, topical booklets, and other Christian literature in its outreach efforts. The ministry center offers Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) to people who respond to the distributed materials. LHM—Uganda also presents film showings, rallies and musical or dramatic performances for rural communities. In addition, LHM—Uganda uses the medium of television by broadcasting weekly episodes of the classic Lutheran program “This is the Life,” as well as seasonal television specials for Easter and Christmas.

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