LHM—Thailand Staff Visits Flood-survivor Village to Join in Children’s Day Festivities

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The village of Bang Pood Samakee 3 had been under water for more than two months when Lutheran Hour Ministries—Thailand (LHMT) staff arrived with Flood Relief Packs in December. After staff members had delivered the emergency supplies, a community leader extended an invitation to the ministry center staff to return on Children’s Day to lead special activities for the village’s children.

When the LHMT staff arrived on Children’s Day, many of the Bang Pood Samakee 3 residents greeted them with warm smiles and friendly handshakes. Several of them mentioned how much they appreciated the help that LHMT gave them.

Nearly 100 children and more than 100 adults attended Bang Pood Samakee 3’s celebration, which for the first time was designed to bring all participants together in one place rather than hold events in neighborhoods. LHMT’s staff began their portion of the festivities by teaching the children several songs to sing together. They led games, distributed door prizes and promoted the ministry center’s Bible Correspondence Course for children and SMS text messaging programs. They concluded their time with the children by praying for them and for their families.

Pleased with LHMT’s contribution to the village’s celebration, Bang Pood Samakee 3’s community leaders presented the ministry center staff with gifts and invited them back for Children’s Day next year—an invitation that Director Monta (Boom) Ekwanit-Denow was happy to accept!

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