Underprivileged in India celebrate Christmas visit

In December the staff of Lutheran Hour Ministries-India—known in country as Christian Media Centre-India—visited the Missionaries of Charity Home for Ladies at Ennore to celebrate Christmas. This home, which is operated by nuns, is located about 30 kilometers from Chennai, along India’s southeast coast. Most of the destitute ladies at the home are mentally challenged. Nonetheless, they were thrilled to see the LHM staff and volunteers—one of whom was dressed up as Santa Claus. They enjoyed themselves with both dancing and singing. The Christian Media Centre-India distributed cakes and new clothes for 120 ladies. Lunch for the day was sponsored by another organization that joined LHM in the celebration at the home.

For 60 years Lutheran Hour Ministries has served the people of India by preaching and teaching the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ. In this country of one billion people, LHM-India broadcasts the Gospel in both Tamil and Hindu. Additionally, LHM staff use devotional songs, short dramas, dance, stage plays and Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) to convey the message of God’s love for all people. Outreach rallies are also held for large audiences in villages and major urban areas.

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