Bible Correspondence Courses help students learn English in Ghana

Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) benefit users with more than Scriptural instruction. For students in Ghana these courses are helping them learn the English language as well.

Mr. Clemence Boadu, headmaster of the Methodist Junior High School in Bawjiase, a rural area in Ghana’s central region, said that in addition to the Gospel message students receive from the BCC, using them has markedly improved their speaking and writing of English. Confirming this, Methodist JHS’s most recent national examination scores for junior high schools recorded a pass percentage of 88 percent against 44 percent for the previous year. Boadu attributes this in large part to the utilization of the BCC.

Though English is Ghana’s official language, in rural areas like Bawjiase students may only formally learn English in school. In their communities, one of the country’s local languages is likely used on the radio, in students’ homes and in citizens’ day-to-day communications.

Boadu informed a headmaster colleague, Mr. Dominic Dotse of Bontrase District Assembly JHS—another school in the region—of the BCC’s educational value in respect to English. Dotse has since met with LHM-Ghana’s area coordinator and received 20 BCC lessons to begin using the program with his students.

In this West African country of more than 24 million people, LHM-Ghana shares the Good News of Jesus through music, dance and storytelling. One important and popular ministry is The Harps—a group of men and women who perform musical programs for the public. Spiritual assistance is offered to local inmates too, as LHM-Ghana volunteers share the Word of God and pray with those in jail.

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