Changed Lives / Europe

Russian prisoner positively impacted by Bible Correspondence Courses

Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) are making a big difference in the life of one prisoner in Russia named Dimitry.

Dimitry tells us he was not a Christian before going through the lessons of the BCC. Unable to find peace and racked with torment inside, he pleaded his case before God, who heard his prayers and taught him how to forgive.

“First of all, these lessons helped me to understand God’s triune nature: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I’ve also understood that each believer is God’s temple and the Spirit abides in him. These lessons helped me to know about the Christian faith. Reading through these materials, I began thinking and meditating and—what’s even more important—I began applying Christ’s teaching and God’s will to my own life,” he said.

Dimitry enjoyed how the BCC’s lessons are structured, helping students grow in their faith and giving them a chance to contemplate the depth of each lesson. These learning modules are strengthened by the memory work given for the student to master. Dimitry now understands that Jesus Christ is the sovereign Lord of his heart. The BCC helped him to believe and become stronger in his faith.

“I want to begin a new life—the life with Christ—and this life is the eternal one. I am not separated from God now. As soon as I am released from prison I’ll come to church. No matter what people might say, I am a Christian, for there is one God and Christ is my Lord! May His Name be hallowed forever!

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