Anniversary Celebrations / Latin America

Lutheran Hour Ministries-Uruguay thanks God for ten years of ministry

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Lutheran Hour Ministries-Uruguay recently celebrated its tenth anniversary of ministry operations in South America. Known locally as Cristo Para Todas las Naciones, LHM-Uruguay enjoyed a special service honoring the event at San Pablo Lutheran Church in Montevideo. Attending the festivities were friends, area contacts, and brothers and sisters in the faith. The LHM staff extends their warmest regards and appreciation to everyone who gathered for this uplifting evening of joy and praise. One staff member said it is their hope “the Lord will continue blessing this beautiful ministry that He assigned for us!”

With its ministry center established in Montevideo in 2001, staff and volunteers conduct monthly outreach programs targeted to different demographic groups. For example, a program called “Kids Mission” invites children to participate in a weekly Bible study. Additionally, LHM staff regularly offer programs on various subjects, such as fear, women’s issues, loneliness and dealing with the loss of a loved one. The ministry center also uses radio, topical booklets and other printed material to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in this country of 3.5 million people.

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