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Equipping the Saints in action in Ethiopia’s Meta Robi District

An Equipping the Saints (ETS) workshop was held November 4-5, 2011, at Meta Robi Evangelical Congregations. There were 120 registered; 110 of these individuals were commissioned for having successfully attended all the ETS modules given by Lutheran Hour Ministries-Ethiopia Director Berhanu Moges, who was assisted by Tesfaye Dinssa. More than half of those commissioned responded in writing how the workshop had benefited them personally and increased the potential for further ministry advancement within their communities. Forty-four attendees offered prayer requests for LHM-Ethiopia.

Films were shown over three nights with evangelism rallies conducted during the day. We are thankful for the news that the films and messages resulted in a renewed trust in God on the part of two people, who had drifted away from their faith. Also, 23 Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) students were honored by the director at the Sunday worship gatherings, where over 2,000 people joined the event.

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In Ethiopia, Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) operates as Berhan Media Ministry, with its ministry center established in Addis Ababa in 1996. Mass evangelism rallies such as described above are central to sharing the Gospel in this nation of more than 82 million located in the Horn of Africa. Thousands of people regularly attend these weekend events, where audiences are educated and entertained by Christian films, music and drama. Additional on-the-ground assistance is rendered through LHM’s International Ministries Partnership program, which gives volunteers from the United States the chance to go abroad and serve those in need in this East African country.

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