LHM-Latvia’s “film club” promotes movies that matter

The worldwide popularity of movies makes them great vehicles for communication and learning. In Latvia, the Lutheran Hour Ministries’ ministry center offers movie suggestions to area churches and other interested groups that are planning on showing a film. Recently, two pastors’ wives stopped by LHM-Latvia to get some input from the staff on movie titles. These two women were assisting their husbands organize movie nights at their congregations.

In October there was a meeting for pastors’ wives at the LHM-Latvia ministry center. At that meeting they watched Letters to Father Jacob, a movie suggested by the film club. The LHM-Latvia staff said this viewing was a great opportunity for them to promote the film club, which has led to more inquiries. “Now we are receiving more and more calls where we hear something like, ‘Can you suggest some movie for our youth group or Bible class?’”

Of course, our answer always is, “Yes, we can.”

Lutheran Hour Ministries-Latvia uses Equipping the Saints (ETS) and Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) to assist individuals in communicating and understanding their faith. Radio is also employed by LHM-Latvia each week. One broadcast announces what the ministry center is doing and shares info on upcoming church activities throughout the country. The other broadcast is a story that emphasizes a Christian message, providing public examples of the positive impact Christianity can have on people’s lives.

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