LHM-Malawi joins the nation of Malawi to celebrate 2011 Mother’s Day

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On October 15, 2011, Mother’s Day was celebrated in Malawi. In Malawian families mothers become nurses when family member gets sick. Mothers offer words of wisdom on relationships, school issues or work problems. Working mothers also have to balance their careers with household chores—from cooking and cleaning their homes, to inculcating ethical values in their children. Mother’s Day in Malawi is therefore a day to honor mothers for all the work these gracious women do for their families and society.

This year Lutheran Hour Ministries-Malawi joined in to happily acknowledge the contributions mothers make to their families and friends. As a way to give back to those who give so much, LHM-Malawi staff spent two days visiting the Kang’oma Rural Health Centre and the Bwaila Maternity Hospital of Lilongwe city on October 13th and 15th. About 100 mothers (both expecting and those with newborn babies) were reached with the Good News through teaching and counseling, as well as through the distribution of assorted gift items.

Mr. Mike Lulanga, a member of the Board, taught and counseled mothers during both visits, reminding them to raise their children in a God-pleasing manner. Board Chairman Mr. Ronie Mvula told mothers and medical staff the aim of the hospital outreach was to relieve some of the hardships Malawian mothers experience as they exercise their many roles. He said the gifts mothers received represented Jesus’ presence among them. The chairman finally asked mothers who received mosquito nets to put them into immediate use so babies are well protected from mosquito bites that can transmit malaria. Sick mothers, babies and guardians received clothes, towels, children’s hats, baby blankets and mosquito nets for free.

Mrs. Ann Knutson delivered the 30 mosquito nets, baby hats and blankets. She thanked Malawian women for being positive role models; healthcare workers for fulfilling the noble task of caring for mothers and their babies; and LHM-Malawi staff and the Board for their warm and dedicated ministry towards women and children in Malawi.

This centre and hospital outreach was made possible by the generous support of the women of the First Lutheran Church-Barron, Wisconsin.

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