LHM-Panama volunteers make a difference in the lives of 300 students

Every year in Panama, professional practice training for high school students is offered with the intention of providing practical knowledge and skills to benefit young people in real-world situations.

This year approximately 60,000 students nationwide will participate in this learning exercise. Related to this endeavor, Cristo Para Todas las Naciones (Christ for All Nations)—through Project Joel—took the opportunity to train students in Christian values and other related topics. With the support and assistance of 10 volunteers, instruction based on the theme “Towards Professional Life” was presented to 300 students from several schools over the course of a week recently.

Lutheran Hour Ministries-Panama operates out of Panama City. Since 1986 this office has been using printed resources and mass media to communicate the eternal hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Project JOEL has been effective in sharing the Savior with Panamanian youth. Equipping the Saints‘ workshops and Bible Correspondence Courses are helping lay people better understand their faith, even as it trains them to share the Gospel with others in this Central American country of nearly 3.5 million people.

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