Latin America

A Big Sheep is One Big Surprise!

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In a recent evangelistic trip through northeast Brazil, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ staff member and Outreach Coordinator Carlos Kracke and his wife Marcia had the opportunity to visit the Center for Children Labor Eradication. He told them Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep from Luke 15. In the parable, a sheep is lost and the owner searches for it until it is found. When the owner finds it, he rejoices greatly. Calling his friends together, they join with him in his joy at finding the lost lamb.

Now the children in Brazil were in for a big surprise when Bramble, a life-sized lamb appeared. Bramble is the fluffy pet of Joel in the LHM animated TV special, Little Shepherd. In Brazil this gigantic lamb—outfitted with a costume produced by Brazil Lutheran Hour—arrived just in time to bring smiles and good cheer to the children he visited. Each of them received a booklet and the Center received a copy of the Little Shepherd DVD, so they can always watch this wonderful special.

Local Pastor Wallace Uhylig said it was wonderful having Bramble as a tool to connect with the kids at the Center. They loved Bramble and everyone gave the oversized lamb a big hug!

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