Middle East

Bedouin kids in Lebanon receive Bibles

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The staff of Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Middle East Lutheran Ministries (MELM) met with more than a dozen Bedouin children as a follow-up to a camp which took place in Theopolis in June 2010. Theopolis is a camping area in Lebanon that hosts retreats and spiritual get-togethers for churches and Christian organizations.

This kind of youth-oriented Christian outreach is crucial in Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon. In that country and in other places in the Arab world forces hostile to the Gospel often attempt to silence its message of hope and salvation.

“We gave them two Bible lessons: the first was about the importance of the Bible as the Word of God and how we should read it every day and obey its teachings; the second was about the Ten Commandments and how we should love our God with all our hearts. The kids enjoyed the two lessons and we interacted with them very well,” said LHM staff writer, Kaita Sahyouni.

The children were very happy to receive the Bibles as a present. They looked forward to taking them home where they could read them and learn about the will of God, Sahyouni added.

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