LHM-Nigeria uses Bible Correspondence Courses to Address Social Problems

For years Lutheran Hour Ministries-Nigeria has used Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) as a Bible-based resource for nurturing new Christians. More recently, LHM-Nigeria has begun a fruitful collaboration with government and schools by using BCC to address a number of social ills bedeviling Nigerian society. With the absence of the “Moral Instructions” curricula in the classrooms of secondary schools, social ills like cultism, thievery, exam malpractices, sexual abuse, bullying and an increasing lack of control have resurfaced in schools. Considering that youths and young adults constitute the future generation, it is imperative we educate them early for Christ in line with the biblical injunction to “train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

LHM-Nigeria has consequently taken BCC to secondary schools, targeting some of the larger schools in terms of pupil numbers. The programme, which is already being used, has won high praise and a strong measure of acceptance from both students and school administrators. Presently, LHM-Nigeria is printing large quantities of BCC lessons to take care of the increasing number of enrolling participants.

Speaking during a visit to West Itam Secondary School in the city of Uyo, the principal, Mr. E.A. Udoh, commended the initiative of LHM-Nigeria and described the programme as one that has come at the right time. Udoh expressed hope the Holy Spirit would use the programme to convict the pupils, who are the leaders of tomorrow and who will make society a better and more just place. He prayed for the ministry and the sponsors and expressed willingness to becoming a sponsor in the future.

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