Children’s Bibles Shared in Sri Lanka

On my recent visit to Sri Lanka, it was great that I had a chance to worship at Lanka Lutheran Church and also participate in giving out children’s Bibles that were purchased through our Christmas appeal. At the distribution event, about 40 children received their own Bible following the Sunday service. That same afternoon, I was very happy to visit the two Hindu families in Nauoya, who came to know Christ as a result of the LHM Christmas outreach program. They now come to worship at a Lutheran worship center nearby, and will be baptized soon.

Overall, I was pleased with the ministry’s activities and the dedication that our local Director, Balan, and his staff show. I also heard from the President of Lanka Lutheran Church (LLC), Rev. G. Nadarajah, and the rest of the church leaders who spoke highly of the LHM staff, and said how much the Lutheran congregations appreciate the outreach programs, activities and resources made available for lay volunteers. I am especially pleased to have a Memorandum Of Understanding that we had the occasion to sign with the LLC. This strengthens our relationship and proves their willingness to cooperate and support the LHM’s efforts in Sri Lanka.

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