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Outreach Among the Samburu Tribes Proves Worth the Wait

If there is a mission that has excited, motivated, and challenged our Kenya staff this past quarter, it is the outreach and evangelism training among the semi-nomadic people of the Samburu tribe late last month. This trip had been on planned for several years but postponed as a result of some situation or other – political violence, famine, or the prohibitive costs of transporting a mission team across impassable terrain that lacked basic infrastructure. However, the Lord’s time is always proved best.

When the day finally came, the staff of LHM—Kenya (known locally as Nuru Media Ministry) traveled on the new Africa Great North highway, which is still under construction, to Kenya’s arid north. There they were welcomed with love by the leaders of the Samburu Lutheran congregations from Wamba, Nchok, and Giserian, who sang gospel songs in the traditional Samburu style.

The evangelism training event went well, and one of the things the LHM staff covered was teaching the local church leaders how to develop a “mission plan” that will be shared with church partners who also want to reach the Samburu. To see more from the event please visit the LHM—Kenya blog.

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