Church Partnership

Witnessing Through Puppet Shows in Vietnam

The highlight of my recent visit to the LHM-Vietnam ministry center in early March was the opportunity to join our Director, Mr. Truc, and his volunteer team to travel more than 6 hours each way to Rach Gia Province (near the Cambodia border) for a puppet show at the Tan Hiep Church. There were more than 300 people in the audience.

Before the performance began, our young volunteers warmed up the audiences with contests in singing songs and playing games. The young audience enthusiastically participated in all activities. This warm-up part of the program made for a friendly atmosphere. They then presented the “Prodigal Son” puppet story. During this event, they distributed the “Life of Jesus” DVD to the adults and colorful books to children. Later, I was informed by Mr. Truc, that our ministry center received 182 responses from the audience. They referred 64 people to the local Tan Hiep Church. Eighteen audience members are attending the Bible class at Tan Hiep Church. Pastor Tin and the committee board members deeply appreciate the LHM puppet ministry and are thankful that they were connected to their church.

We believe that in the future more people will come to faith in Christ through our ministry in Vietnam, as a result of events like this.

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