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Reflecting on God’s Rich Mercy

Each year, our ministry center staff around the world receive thousands of responses, some in the form of letters, from people whose lives have been touched by God working through various outreach programs and events. This week, our director in Ethiopia sent us a heartfelt letter from a retired soldier who recently graduated from the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) program.

He wrote:

Mr. Wondafrash

Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I have received the letter that you wrote me on January 21, 2011. I thank you (LHM Ethiopia) and God for having helped me finished BCC. God in His miraculous ways has made it possible for me to registered and now finish the course. I have served as a soldier for this nation many, many years and was among those foolish who used to say there was no God. But God rich in His mercy, though I was his enemy yet Christ died for me and brought me to His own.

I live now by the little pensions money. I have sent you Birr 50 (almost three dollars USD) and my recent personal picture towards for my certificate graduation possible expenses. I know it will not cover but it would be as a gesture and thanks give for all your effort is a token of appreciations.

May God continue His blessings on you as you serve Him such as these.

Sincerely yours,

B. Wondafrash

LHM—Ethiopia conducts an extensive Bible Correspondence Course program to help spread the Word of God throughout the country. Many people enroll after reading about the courses in local magazine and newspaper ads, as well as on posters and hearing about it from word-of-mouth. Most of the correspondents are do not belong to a church or come from traditional religious backgrounds.

One thought on “Reflecting on God’s Rich Mercy

  1. What a powerful story!

    The power of the Gospel to transform lives works everywhere God’s Word is preached. Satan and his filthy demons are helpless against the life-saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross on our behalf.

    Thanks be to God for His wonderful salvation and thanks to Mr. Wondafrash for his great letter!

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