Church Partnership / Europe

Sharing the Gift of Christ’s Love in Latvia

On January 21, the Orphan Grain Train delivered a massive container donated items to LHM—Latvia. Two volunteers and old friends of the office, Vita and Ilze, stepped up to divide the mountain of goods into sets for local families. When the ladies had finished, 50 packs of donations were ready to hit the hands of needy families. Then the team at LHM—Latvia set their sights on the Lutheran Church of Gulbene, over 100 miles away, to help distribute the donation during a small community event.

To help run the event, the congregation enlisted the help of some young volunteers from a nearby school. Most of them were not previously affiliated with the Lutheran Church of Gulbene, and some of them were not Christians.

“Isn’t this a great opportunity for the local church to get them more involved in their activities?” asked a staff member of LHM—Latvia.

“Don’t you worry,” said one of the church workers with a smile. “It is already covered. We are open minded and inviting so everybody can get to know Him better.”

Pastor Sarma started the event with a speech about God’s love and invited all the attendees to visit him personally and worship with them on Sundays. “We hope and pray that they will find the way to the Lutheran church in Gulbene,” he said afterward.

The children at the event welcomed the LHM staff members by performing a talent show featuring young singers, poets, and even a flute player. It was clear they had been rehearsing for the show. After their concert, members of the congregation led the children in some Christ-centered activities, with Bible stories woven into the fun.

Check out the LHM—Latvia blog for updates as the distributions continue.

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