LHM—Cameroon Begins Distribution of OGT Shipment

LHM—Cameroon recently received a shipment of supplies to provide goods and equipment necessary for a program that aims to reach out to girls who have been cast out of their homes and congregations due to unwed pregnancy and sexual abuse. “The project seeks to encourage and empower the teenage mothers and victims of sexual exploitation,” said Eric Gates, LHM’s Area Counselor for Africa and the Middle East. “They need to be listened to and given a sense of hope in the sharing of God’s love.”

The donated items were delivered by Orphan Grain Train (OGT) and include sewing machines and kits, cloth materials, and medical equipment. The medical equipment was donated to a local Protestant hospital, and the other goods will be used to help train the women of the project in a vocation that will allow them to provide for themselves and their families. LHM—Cameroon is currently working with 120 women between the ages of 14 and 25 to train them in sewing, cloth-making, and hairdressing.
The training will take place inside the 40’ container used to ship the items, which will be renovated to serve as a small outreach center. The facility will be staffed by LHM volunteers who will provide the job training and spiritual care to the women taking classes there.

The partnership between LHM—Cameroon and OGT is just one of the ways the ministry center is attempting to work closer with congregations and partners here in the US. There are also volunteer trips and other partnership options available through LHM for those who wish to become actively involved in this project.

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