Changed Lives

Feeling the Love

We just received a couple of large packages from Nebraska that brightened up an already sunny Friday afternoon. They were Valentines cards addressed to “Project JOEL” from the Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Sunday school children in North Platte, Nebraska.

In the letter accompanying the cards they wrote, “Please accept these beautiful cards and share them with the children in your ministry. All children deserve the love of God. We would like them to know that. Thank you for the project and the work that you do to care for children and to support them in their tough times.”

The Valentines project was led by the 2nd and 3rd grade classes after finding out about LHM’s Project JOEL through an Internet search.

Project JOEL is an outreach ministry to youth, sponsored by Lutheran Hour Ministries ministry centers in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as other parts of the world including Ghana, India, and Myanmar. JOEL volunteers regularly  visit schools and hospitals to share Christ’s love through personal stories, live performances, and sporting events.

The Valentines Day cards will be sent on to our staff and volunteers in other countries, who will give them to children as they share Christ’s message of salvation. Thank you to all the Sunday school children at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. We are grateful your kind gifts.

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