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Project JOEL Youth Celebrate Three Kings Day

While Christian children in the United States eagerly anticipate Christmas Day, Mexican children look forward to Three Kings Day. Students at LHM—Mexico’s Academia Proyecto JOEL recently celebrated the coming of the Three Kings, a Mexican tradition of exchanging gifts in commemoration of the day the Three Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem to bring gifts to baby Jesus.

Today, this long-standing tradition has changed in some ways and adopted some of America’s Christmas influences. One thing that remains the same is the Rosa de Reyes bread. The bread is prepared with sweet candied fruit on top with many little plastic “baby Jesus” figures baked inside. Whoever gets the little figures will contribute to another celebration held on February 12th. There are typically a dozen or so little figures baked into the bread so there are plenty of people to help.

The celebration at the Academia Proyecto JOEL also included students from the neighborhood where Lutheran Hour Ministries has another mission.

For more news updates and photos please visit the LHM—Mexico blog.

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