Latin America

Longest Serving Volunteer of LHM—Nicaragua Still Sharing Christ’s Love

When LHM—Nicaragua began its ministry in 2000, the entire volunteer team consisted of Ricardo Arguello, who is the director of the ministry center, and his wife, Georgina.  Early on, they met a woman named Francisca Rivas while distributing monthly booklets on the street.  She stopped to ask questions about the purpose and mission of the organization, and was very pleased with what she was hearing.

“It was great to meet Francisca, partly because with her position as an elementary school teacher, she started to explain LHM’s mission to her colleagues and involved more people as volunteers,” Arguello explained.  Zayda Maradiaga is also one of those early volunteers, and she still works with Francisca on many ministry projects.

Francisca, who was raised in a Catholic family, has since been confirmed Lutheran.

Francisca said, “For me, being part of the volunteer staff of LHM is very important because since I started, I understand the importance of sharing the Gospel with people who do not yet know about Jesus’s message of salvation. As we say in LHM, we are bringing a Message of Hope for those people.”

Francisca was the first contact made by LHM—Nicaragua, and her knowledge of the city of Leon and the people within it, paired with her passion for sharing God’s blessings, has had a tremendous effect on the success of LHM—Nicaragua.

Ten years later, Francisca is still active in the ministry, teaching Bible courses to children and distributing booklets to people in prisons.

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